Umbraco 8 released as we go for Gold

It’s been five years in the making and the team at Great State couldn’t be more excited with the release of Umbraco 8.

It’s packed with great new features, a revised user interface and the codebase has been cleaned up to provide improved performance and stability.

The mantra has been simplification with this new major release, it’s been built to make tasks like editing and publishing content as simple as possible. It’s no surprise, as Umbraco has always strived to provide a great content editing experience.

So which new features stand out?

Infinite editing

Umbraco 8 has been created to deliver a natural editing experience, where you don’t need to go back and forth to edit different elements of a content piece. A good example would be if you’re creating a complex landing page, where it combines blocks of content with personalised media assets. With this new editing experience, you can drill down into each element’s detail and make changes, without moving away from the main landing page editing.

Language variants

Now this is significant, time to say goodbye to workarounds and hacks with external packages to have an acceptable multilingual experience. With this new release, Umbraco provides an easy to use editing experience to create and manage multilingual content. It’s also possible to switch between languages in preview mode so that changes can easily be reviewed.

Content Apps

Ever considered having a butler to assist you with your content editing experience? Content apps are able to provide information and feedback as well as statistics on the published content. It’s added value that will ultimately save you time to create better and more engaging content.

There’s more news too, Great State are now Umbraco Gold Partners.

After over 10 years of being partners, we’ve taken the step to further invest into the relationship in order to provide our clients with the best insight and experience possible.

It really depends where you are with your content management journey. If your upcoming requirements need significant investment, it’s worth considering the pros and cons to a migration path, as ultimately it might be more cost efficient to consider the upgrade and benefit from the new features.

If you’d like to learn how we can help your business benefit from Umbraco 8 please get in touch.

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