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We are an award-winning Adobe partner, helping our clients deliver at pace and make the most of the Adobe platform to deliver world-class digital experiences. dddd

Our dedicated Adobe team have amassed many years of combined experience delivering Adobe Experience Cloud solutions for industry-leading global organisations, including Goldman Sachs and Dyson. 

We have a rich heritage in the digital space and have amassed over 20 years’ experience in digital products, experience, emerging technologies and platforms. We specialise in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, working with mid-market organisations through to global brands and government, such as the Royal Navy, Deliveroo, Barclays, Orange and the National Trust. 

Through our Digital Foundation Accelerator package, we work with mid-market and scale-up organisations to deliver a digital platform based on Adobe Experience Cloud both affordably and quickly. We also work with larger organisations, such as Honda Europe, delivering alongside other agencies in a federated development model. 

We are nimble, both in terms of speed of delivery - we are demonstrably faster at delivery than existing partners – and in terms of our innovative thinking. It’s our efficiency and pace combined with our military-grade security credentials that has led to our reputation as an agency that can think outside the box, without compromising on quality. 

Adobe are market leaders for Digital Experience Platforms for completeness of vision and strategic direction as well as their ability to execute, as highlighted on Gartner and Forester reports. The platform provides market-leading capabilities, enhanced by its AI engine (Sensei). This includes advanced content authoring, management and delivery, audience profiling and segmentation, analytics, data management, personalisation and marketing automation. 

Digital Foundation Accelerator Package

Working with Adobe, Great State have developed a rapid delivery approach called the Digital Foundation Accelerator Package. This provides clients with the foundations necessary to exploit the long-term benefits of Adobe quickly and affordably. A dedicated Great State team will deliver a packaged set of features in just 12 weeks for a competitive fixed price. This includes the delivery of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics Essentials & Adobe Target Essentials, all underpinned by Adobe Managed Services based on industry-leading, secure, scalable, highly-available and global infrastructure.

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