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Helping to create a progressive world-leading airport.

We’ve collaborated with Bristol Airport since 2012, delivering three iterations of their website, which has become increasingly important and now supports a wide variety of audiences.

The site provides vital information for passengers and drives the top revenue stream for the airport – car parking. Supporting recruitment in a sector struggling to resource post-Covid travel growth and with controversial expansion plans recently decided by the high court it’s an important source of information for community, media and lobby groups.

In 2022, Bristol Airport approached us to create a new, refreshed website while also reducing license, hosting and maintenance costs.

We took this opportunity to exceed those aims, providing a future-proofed foundation to support anticipated growth, expansion plans and revenue uplift. Achieved by refining key user-journeys based on research and testing, modern development techniques and a new digital brand.

As Critical National Infrastructure, Bristol Airport has a strict approach to risk, with security and ease-of-support a priority.

The initial brief was to transform and scale the customer experience of the website, through a redesign of the user interface but also the addition of functionality such as the trip finder tool, destination inspiration, real time information on arrivals and departures, booking widgets, as well as an overhauled parking and hospitality experience. An ever-increasing percentage of passengers now access and book through their mobile phone, so we needed to optimise the site for mobile too.

By adopting infrastructure-as-code, we enabled rapid creation of new environments, with automated documentation of infrastructure changes, enhancing maintainability.

We upskilled the client team as part of migrating legacy content into the CMS, reducing reliance on us for content support going forward.

We provide monthly and quarterly reporting on their service level agreement, including number of incidents, response and resolution times and uptime. Alongside this we implement regular updates to the site, integrating campaigns, new content and CRO activity to further improve conversion and revenue generated.

The new site launched on time and budget and has achieved remarkable results.

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